How Much Is Your Tumble Dryer Costing You?

You may not be aware that tumble dryers are very energy intensive. They require a large amount of energy in order to dry your clothes and use far more electricity than your television, dish washer, or microwave. In today’s article we’ll be looking at how much your tumble dryer is costing you and what steps you can take towards lowering the cost of drying your clothes.

The cost of tumble drying

Most modern tumble dryers come with an energy rating from A to G. The more efficient tumble dryers will cost around £30 per year but less efficient ones can cost you up to £100 per year. On average, most people pay about £50-£60 per year for their dry clothes. The price of a tumble dryer can vary and the price alone does not dictate its efficiency. Obviously, if you use your tumble dryer on a regular basis then you should certainly think about getting the most efficient one you can. If you’re saving £50 a year with your new energy efficient dryer, you’re going to save the cost of the dryer within its life time. However, if you can survive without a dryer at all that’s definitely they way to go.

How should you dry?

Obviously we’d all like to do away with the energy consuming tumble dryer but that leaves us with two options; either dry your clothes on a clothes line outside, or dry your clothes inside using your radiator. Given the British weather, drying you clothes outside on a clothes line won’t always be possible, especially in winter. Drying your clothes inside will lead to condensation which can lead to damp and even health problems.

You can try and get round these problems by being as adaptive as you can with your washing. If today is wet but tomorrow is going to be sunny, then postpone your washing until tomorrow so you can dry your washing outside. If you must dry indoors, be sure to open the windows so the moisture can be let out.

Tips to help lower your drying costs

  1. It is cheaper to spin dry your clothes than tumble dry them. This won’t make them completely dry but will help the dryer dry them faster, thus using less energy.
  1. Put as much in your dryer as possible. Try to get as much done in one dry as possible.
  1. Make sure your clothes are separated when you put them in. This will help them dry faster.
  1. Put similar material in together. Different materials take different amounts of time to dry.
  1. Put your dryer in the warmest part of your house so it doesn’t have to do as much work to get the air warm.
  1. Keep your dryer in good shape. Be sure the air inlet is clean and remove the lint from the filter.

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