Sole traders / Partners


Are you under financial pressure from your suppliers?

Receiving County Court Judgements?

Owed money but creditors demanding payment?

Need to ensure you are on the right track?

Despite what you might think – there are solutions to your financial problems.

If you are in business as a sole trader or partner and are experiencing pressure from your suppliers, or as an individual continually being harassed by credit card and finance companies, we will be able to help during this difficult time.

During what is inevitably a difficult period, we remain conscious at all times of the potential impact of recovery advice. We are highly flexible and tackle your case with an open mind – with YOU at the forefront.

We could be of assistance with:

* Loans or Mortgages
* Factor Invoicing
* Accounts / Process Auditing
* Income / Expenditure Review
* Cost cutting exercises
* Debt Plans
* Creditor Settlements
* Bankruptcy – and still trade!

You can take peace of mind that your affairs will be handled and supported by a highly professional team. With an aptitude for thinking outside the box, we pride ourselves on being able to identify workable recovery solutions to financial problems that allow you to continue to trade.

Offering Face to Face Debt Advice in Somerset