Lowell Financial Debt Collection Letter

Debt Collection Letter What Should I Do?

If you have received a letter from a debt collection agency similar to the one below, then you really do need to take advice! If these sort of letters are ignored, then the situation could get even worse for you.

Lowell Financial Collection Letter

P.O. Box 172
LS11 9WS

0844 844 471

Dear Mr  XXX

Our next steps
We have tried to help you find a way to repay what you owe and informed you that we would  forward your account to Red Debt Collection Services – our collection agency.

Red Debt Collection Services will access your account, credit file and your financial commitments to make a recommendation on how to recover the outstanding balance. This could include taking legal action or issuing a statutory demand  which if remains underpaid can result in us petitioning the court  for your bankruptcy, providing the amount you owe is more than £750.

It’s not too late – Make us an offer
we are willing to accept any repayment arrangement offer that you can afford,  taking into consideration your financial circumstances  will stop Of repayment plan can be weekly or monthly;  which ever best suits your financial circumstances.

When your balance is cleared we will update the Credit Reference Agencies to show your account as satisfied.

Please call us today on 0844 844 4716  to discuss an affordable payment plan or visit our website  www.lowell.co.uk and you can either pay off your balance by debit card  or set up monthly, affordable direct debit.

Should you need free impartial advice, details of the organisations that can provide this  are overleaf.

Yours sincerely

Chief Operation Officer

So don’t let things get worse do take advice.


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  1. I am on benefits which i get £147 a fortnight,i have to pay £61.00 a ..the refortnight rent.gas £20,electric £20.tv licence £6,im left with £55 which is for food and toiletries.i cannot afford to pay you much.

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