How to Improve Your Credit Rating

Credit Rating

Couple of Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score

Here are a couple of simple tips that will help you to put some added lift to your credit score.

Increase Minimum Payments

If you can manage it increase your payments to more than the minimum payment that is required by the card holder. Just by doing this simple little trick will have a positive effect on your credit rating, doing this relates to approximately a 1/3 of your overall credit rating.

Pay Bills on Time

Making sure that you actually pay your bills on time, is good for your credit score. So whenever a bill comes in, don’t be tempted to wait till the red one arrives, just get on and pay it. Just doing this relates to just over 1/3 of you total credit score.

Zero Balance Your Cards

On some of your credit cards you may be able to reduce the balance to zero on a regular basis. The more regular you are able to do this on one or more of your cards, the greater effect it will have to the overall credit rating.

30% Limit

When using your cards try to set your maximum spend on each card to about 30% less than the actual card limit. So if for example your credit limit is £1,000, then try not to spend over £700 on that card. Yes, you have guessed it another good effect on your credit score.

Well that’s it, just by following some or all of the above tips, you will improve that dreaded credit rating.

Do try it and drop me a comment to let me know what happened.

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