Halifax Accept Debt Management Plan £4 per month

Halifax DMP Accept letterHalifax Accept £4 per Month for £2,100 Debt

In this particular case the client need to go into a Debt Management Plan (DMP) in order to stop further harassment from creditors.



P.O. Box 487

Telephone: 0845 604 3643

Dear Sirs,

Customer Name(s): NAME
Your reference: NUMBER
Account Number: NUMBER
Account Balance: £2100.00

Thank you for your recent letter which includes an up-to-date financial statement for Mrs NAME

We confirm that at this stage, the proposal to pay £4.00 per month is acceptable.  Please note that this arrangement will be subject to regular review.

The first payment should be made by 16th January 2 014. Payment should be sent direct to us quoting the customers name and the above account number for reference. Alternatively, payments can be made to sort code  30-00-00 account number  00232904 using the customer’s account number as reference.

There’s no need for you to tell us  of your reviews  of this arrangement,  unless the customer’s in a position to increase repayments.

Yours faithfully

Director of Collection and Recoveries

In this particular case a debt management plan has now stopped call and the the majority of letters from collection companies.

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