How To Find A New Place To Rent After Getting Evicted

None of us start renting a place knowing that we’re going to be evicted. Eviction can seem like something that will never happen to you but unexpected debts, emergencies, medical bills, and redundancy are just some unforeseeable circumstances that can lead to a person being evicted. In this article we will be looking at what steps one should take after being evicted.

Make amends

Although your landlord may seem like the bad guy when you’re evicted, you have to remember that he/she has their own bills to pay and no landlord in their right mind can afford to have a tenant who can’t pay rent regularly. Not only will apologising to the landlord help make amends but it may also make him or her more likely to drop the public record of your eviction. If your landlord agrees to this be sure to get their intention of it in writing.

Get a reference

Getting a reference from a creditable source such as your boss or previous landlord then this will help any future renters understand that your eviction was a mistake and that you are trust worthy. You could also get a financially stable friend or family member to enter an agreement that states they will pay your rent if you find yourself unable to. Obviously you don’t want to let things get that bad again but it will put any future landlords mind at ease.

Build your credit up

Building up your credit score does take time but is worthwhile if you can do it. Start by checking your credit rating to see how bad the damage is and then start from there. If you start paying your bills quickly then your score will improve, though this is easier to do ii you have family or friends you can stay with rather than having to rent again right away.

Rent from a private owner

Generally speaking, private owners are less likely to judge you on your past history when it comes to renting. When you’re looking for a new place, try looking up privately owned properties.

Be honest to any future landlords

Being honest and open about your previous eviction will make a potential landlord more likely to be sympathetic towards you. It may not be easy but explaining your circumstances will give the landlord more trust in you, also be sure to tell them what you’ve done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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