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Do you find yourself looking for the answer but still have not found anyone to help?

We can help you when times are getting hard, as we are a company that gets involved and puts our foot down where and when its needed. We understand that when people find themselves in debt it always seems like there is no way out. Well here, on this website you can meet the people that can put a stop to your misery.
Is there a reason why you can’t sleep at night?
Is there a reason why you can’t afford to buy the things that you need?
Is there a reason that you life just has not turned out to be the way you expected?
Do you find yourself looking for the answer everywhere but can’t seem to find it?
Well don’t give up just yet…
At Tip Consultancy we are a company that are here to help you find a solution to your debt by following a plan to make everything seem less painful. Here at Tip Consultancy, we have some of the best advisers that are just waiting to meet you!

We Can Help

We Can Help

Here at Tip Consultancy we can provide you with the impartial and correct advice to suit your needs. We are here to help, so we have decided that for the best way we can help our clients is to have face to face meetings with them and find out what the problem is and where everything is going wrong… then we can understand and see what position you are in. As soon as we know this, we can fit the perfect plan and help you get everything back on track.

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We don’t just provide simple help… we are a company that provide effective and solvable debt plans. We constantly deal with clients who have varying degrees of debt problems. No matter what your concern we are here to help. You could have a small debt that is getting in the way, or you could have a bigger debt. We will treat both cases the same in the priority list and treat them both as important. We are here to help you.

Can your Debt be Written Off?

We negotiate reduced payments and also shortfall settlements where you pay far less than the balance of the debt as a full settlement. For example a Barclay-card debt of £16,348 was settled for £5022. A massive saving of £11,326!

We offer a face to face debt advice service in Somerset, This can create great relationships as well as debt solutions.  but if you live further away, we can also discuss your needs over the phone.

What is Consultancy

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